Owasso 8th Grade Football

Information on Owasso 8th Grade Football

When are Try-outs / Sign-up?

There are no sign-ups or tryouts.  If you want to play show up for practice.  We will take new players up to two weeks after school starts.  After that we will only take people who have just moved into the district.

When does practice start?

 August 9.  This is an OSSAA rule.

What equipment do we need to purchase?

We will supply all equipment except cleats, athletic supporter and cup.  We do recommend a five pad/pocket football girdle. 

Can I use my own equipment?

Most of the time, yes.  It must be inspected and approved by a member of the coaching staff to make sure it meets OSSAA requirements.

When and where do you practice?

We practice at the 8th grade center behind the new gym every weekday after school.  Before school begins practice times will be determined by the coaching staff.  We do not practice on weekends or holidays.  Once the season begins practice times usually will shorten.


If a student has failed more than two classes of the previous semester they are ineligible for the first six weeks of the next semester.  Only one "F" can be made up by summer school.  During the school year, student/athletes will be checked for weekly progress beginning the third week of the semester.  If a student/athlete is failing any class at the time of one of the grade checks, that student will be placed on "probation" for the next week.  "Probation", simply means the student is given a warning that if the grade is not brought up by the next grade check the run the risk of becoming "ineligible".  If a student has two consecutive weeks of failing a class or any class they are deemed "ineligible", meaning they can not dress-out, travel or participate in any games that week.  eligibilty runs from Friday to Friday.

Also, any 8th grader turning 15 before September 1st can not participate in 8th grade athletics.  They must participate as a freshman or sit-out a year.

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