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Paper work

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Just a reminder that ALL paper work MUST be completed before a player is allowed to practice. 

Go to this site to complete all forms:  http://owassopublicschool.rankonesport.com



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A student athlete will not be allowed to practice until all online forms are submitted and a physical is on file.

Go to this site to complete all forms:



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All players are required to attend all practice sessions unless they are attending a Doctors appointment or under the direct supervision of their own parent.  Any player absent from practice without prior parent notification to a member of the coaching staff will be subject to disciplinary action or removal from the team.  If a player is unable to physically preform they will be given a target jersey to indicate that no contact is allowed but they will still be required to be on the field with their position coach. 

A player is not to leave prior to the end of practice unless a parent checks them out from a member of the coaching staff.  If a player is sick or injured and needs to be picked up early, a member of the coaching staff will contact the parent.


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It is VERY IMPORTANT that the players are properly hydrated. 


Cut out sodas and all other sugary, caffinated drinks.

First practice is just a few days away.  Now is the time to start hydrating your body to prepare it for the stress and demands that practice will place upon it.

Water, water, water, water, sport drink, water, water, water, water, sport drink, water, water, water...........well, you get it.

We provide water and water breaks at all practices and games.  You do not need to bring your own but you can if you want to.

Just added FAQ section

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Check here for Frequently Asked Questions.

You are not alone.  These are the most common questions we get and we tried to give you good answers.  Click on the FAQ tab at the top of the page.  If you can't find your answer there, shoot us an e-mail.

Check out the Calendar for Up Comming Meetings

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Clik on our "Calendar" page to find dates and times for parent/player meetings. 

August is going to be a busy month so plan ahead.


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If you missed the Physcials at the High School don't worry.  Some time before August go by the High School Athletic Office and pick up a physical form, take it to your family physican, or if you do not have one go to one of the area clincs, have your physical taken and take the signed form back to the Athletic Office.  If you are unable to get a form from the Athletic Office, just have the doctor give you a copy of their form and bring that to the AD office or to our helmet check out on August 8th.

NO ONE CAN PARTICIPATE until we have a physical on file, signed by a doctor.


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A popular question is "when are football tryouts?".  There are none.  We take anyone who wants to play.  All they must do is get a physical and show up for practice.

Red White Team Selections

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We get a lot of questions about who is going to be on the Red and White team and when are we going to pick.  The short answers are everyone and everyday.  We consider ourselves ONE team.  WE are the Owasso 8th Grade Football TEAM.  We spilt Red/White so that more people have an opportunity to play.  It is just like a Varsity and a Jr. Varsity.  Most players will just play on Monday or Tuesday.  We will ask some to play on both nights.  If a Red team player does not get to play on Tuesday night we ask them to come play the next Monday night.  Similarly, if we are short handed at a position on Tuesday night, we might ask someone who played on Monday to come help us on Tuesday night.  Also, every day in pracitce is a battle for position.  The coaching staff will make the finial decision based upon the performance we see at practice.  The position coach has the difficult task of determining who will get the starting postion and the order of the depth chart but with the input of all of the coaching staff.