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Team Camp Update

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Team Camp will begin Tuesday, May 28th.  Athletes will need to wear t-shirts, shorts, and cleats.  This is a padded camp so players will also need helmets and shoulder pads.  If an athlete does not have helmet or shoulder pads we will provide them.  Athletes bringing their own pads need to have them checked by a coach for fit and to make sure they meet OSSAA safety protocols. 

Tuesday we will begin at 8am with check in and equipment check in front of the Wellness Center in the North endzone of the football field.  Camp will be finished at noon.

Wednesday and Thursday camp will begin at 9am.  Athletes need to report to the North endzone in front of the Wellness Center no later than 8:30am.  Camp will be finished at noon.

All three days of team camp will now be at Owasso High School as there is construction underway at Union.

Team Camp

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Tuesday, May 28th.  8am -9am equipment check out.  9am - 12pm Team Camp @ Owasso High School Stadium

Wednesday, May 29th. 9am to 12pm @ Union High School (transportaion will be provided for those who need it.  Details later)

Thursday, May 30th.  9am to 12pm @ Union High School (transportaion will be provided for those who need it. Details later)

This is a "padded" camp.  Helmet, Shoulder Pads requiered.  (will be provided for those who need them).  Students should wear shorts & t-shirt.  Five pocket padded football guridle recommended but not required.

Parent Meeting for 2019 Season

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There will be a parent meeting for 7th graders going to be 8th graders and current 8th graders going to be 9th graders.  The meeting will be at the Owasso 8th Grade Center Commons at 6:30 on Thursday, April 25th.  Coaches Frank Blair (8th Grade Head Coach) and Sam Bowers (9th Grade Head Coach) will be there to give out information about summer programs and the upcoming 2019 season.


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Owasso Sports Medicine program will be hosting Physicals Night at the High School on May 1st, beginning at 5:30pm.  All student athletes MUST have a current physical on file with the Athletic Department to participate in any athletic program.  Physicals are only valid for one academic school year.  Any physical taken after May 1 of 2018 will not be valid for the 2019-2020 school year.  Students can have their physicals completed at the High and already have theirs on file with the Athletic Office.  Cost is $25 with all proceeds going to Owasso High School Sports Medicine Program.

7th Grade to 8th Grade

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This is the time of year that we start getting questions about next season from those going from 7th Grade into 8th Grade.  I urge you to click on our "FAQ" link.  That is a good start.  Most of the common questiions we get, the answers can be found there. 

The number one question is always about signing up to play next year.  There are no sign-ups and there are no try-outs.  If you want to play, be there when we have practice with your paperwork completed (see earlier posts and FAQ about that paperwork).

Sometime during the start of May (time and date has not been set) the High School will have a "Physical night".  All athelets participating in Owasso Public Schools Athletics MUST have a completed physical on record with Owasso Public Schools before being allowed to particpate in any practicies or events.  Physicals are only good for one academic year.  So any physical taken prior to April 30th, 2019, will not be valid in August of 2019.  To help with this Owasso Athletics offers a chance to have those completed for a minimal fee (usually $25) with all proceeds going to Owasso Athletic Training Program.  When the date for this night is scheduled it will be posted here.  You do not have to have your physical completed this night, it is merely offered as a convience, usually cheaper than a Doctor visit copay and Owasso Athletics will already have a copy of the physical on file.  If you choose to visit your own physican to have the physical completed, just make sure you get a copy turned in to the Athletic Office at the High School before the first day of practice.

The next dates to be watching for are May 28th to May 30th.  This will be our Team Camp.  This is the first chance for your student to be a part of Owasso 8th Grade Football.  This is a "padded camp", meaning we will be wearing helmets and shoulder pads.  We will equip anyone needing pads or if you have your own you are welcome to use them.  The first day of camp will be at Owasso High School Stadium and will be under the guidence of the varsity and 8th grade staffs.  Players will be put through the same drills and hear the same terminology that they will receive in August when practice begins.  This is a chance to get a head start on August.  The second and thrid day of camp will be at Union High School (transportation will be provided).  There we will compete in drills with and against other eighth grade teams.  This camp is not required but can help make the first week of practice in August easier to understand what is expected.  Camp fees are paid for by the Booster Club (shameless plug here,  if you have not already joined please do so.  That membership fee pays for a LOT of things for your athlete, such as this camp.  Check them out by clicking on the link in our "Links" page).

Earlier in May (hopefully before the Physicals night) Coach Blair will meet with players at the 7th grade center during school hours and we will try to set up a parent meeting one evening as well.  More on that as dates and times become available.  Untill then there is not much else to do but make sure the student/athelets complete all of their classes with passing grades.  Elligability is an issue and it begins with this semester (see FAQ).  

Oh, and P.S.  If you are moving in from another district we really can not have any contact with you until your student is enrolled in Owasso Public Schools (OSSAA rules), so contact us AFTER you have completed enrollment.

Pop up adds

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I have just noticed that the "free" provider for this site has started placing pop-up adds embedded in the text.  Please ignore those.  Owasso 8th Grade Football does not endorse any programs or companies, its just the price we have to pay for our "Free" site.



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Sign up for Remind notifications.

Text the message @owasso8f to 81010.

You will be notified of upcoming events and any unexpected changes to previously announced schedules.  

If you are having trouble with 81010 try texting @owasso8f to 201-490-4956


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All students are required to have a physical in order to participate in athletics.  Physical forms are available online at the Athletic Dept. website http://www.owassops.org/athletics.cfm     or in the main office. Get you physical done now and avoid the August rush before practice begins.

Paper work

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Just a reminder that ALL paper work MUST be completed before a player is allowed to practice. 

Go to this site to complete all forms:  http://owassopublicschool.rankonesport.com



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A student athlete will not be allowed to practice until all online forms are submitted and a physical is on file.

Go to this site to complete all forms: