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Week of Aug 13

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Monday - Practice 5p - 8p

Tuesday - Practice 5p - 8p

Wednesday - Practice 5p - 7p

This is the 1st turn in day for Card Sales.  We will end practice a little early so everyone can prepare for the 1st day of school.

Thursday - First Day of School!  Practice 3p - 6p

Friday - Practice 3p - 6p

We will be switching some jerseys and positions around this week.  Just remember, nothing is permanent.

Pop up adds

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I have just noticed that the "free" provider for this site has started placing pop-up adds embedded in the text.  Please ignore those.  Owasso 8th Grade Football does not endorse any programs or companies, its just the price we have to pay for our "Free" site.


Ram Card Sales

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This is our one and only fundraiser.  Each player has been given a set of 10 cards to sale.   Participation is voluntary.  Any unsold cards can be returned to the Coaching staff by August 22.  If a player sales all 10 they can request an additional 10 cards.  The more they sale, the more prizes they earn (and more money the Booster Club has to purcahse things for the players).  The players were given a sheet along with the cards that explains how the program works.

As was explained in the parent meeting.  It cost about $400 dollars a year to play football (equipment, camps, meals, etc.)  Your Booster Club Membership provides that funding.  Not every player/parent can pay $400 so every card we sale helps prevent the Booster Club and Ram Football from going in the hole and keeps Ram football competing at the highest level.  

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Meet The Rams

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Practice Friday will begin at 3pm.  This will be our first full pads practice.  We will practice at the 8th Grade Center until a little after 4pm then we will walk to the High School Football field.  We will be taking a team picture for the High School Football program at 4:30.  A little after 5:30 we will have an inter-squad scrimmage on the High School Field until about 6:25ish.  The Booster Club will then provide a meal for the team.  Once the players have finished eating they are free to leave on their own.  The locker room will be open until 7:30pm if they want to put away their gear or they can take it home and bring it back on Monday.


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Thank you to everyone who attended the Parent/Player meeting.  If you know of someone who was not there but is interested in playing, please have them contact Coach Blair as soon as possible.

Players that have all of their forms completed and submited have been added to the team roster which can be checked by clicking on the "The Team" tab at the top of the page.  If your name is not on the roster, don't panic, we may be waiting on the Athletic Department to verify the paperwork.  If your name does not appear after a few days, contact Coach Blair to find out what the issue may be.  Coach Blair will update the roster at least once a day up to Monday afternoon.  

Remember to hydrate and start getting used to the heat by spending some time outdoors each day.  Enjoy the last few days of summer.  See you Monday.

Time to prepare for practice

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We are just a few days away from the start of the season.  Time to start aclimating to the heat.  Start spending some time outside everyday doing some activity such as running, biking, chase the neighbors cat, mow the lawn, whatever.  Just be active.  Second, start hydrating.  DRINK LOTS OF WATER!  Stay off of cafienated sodas or energy drinks.  WATER! WATER! WATER!


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Sign up for Remind notifications.

Text the message @owasso8f to 81010.

You will be notified of upcoming events and any unexpected changes to previously announced schedules.  

If you are having trouble with 81010 try texting @owasso8f to 201-490-4956

Parent Meeting/Pad Check-Out

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There will be a preseason meeting on Tuesday, July 31st, 6:30pm at the Owasso 8th Grade Center.  Players will be assigned lockers and helmets.  Parents will received information on the upcoming season.  


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All students are required to have a physical in order to participate in athletics.  Physical forms are available online at the Athletic Dept. website http://www.owassops.org/athletics.cfm     or in the main office. Get you physical done now and avoid the August rush before practice begins.

Paper work

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Just a reminder that ALL paper work MUST be completed before a player is allowed to practice. 

Go to this site to complete all forms:  http://owassopublicschool.rankonesport.com